About Our Company

Sonic Digital Inc, a Maine Corporation, officially formed in February of 2014.    Our goal is drive customer satisfaction by enabling our clients to leverage internet technology to achieve their goals.   We provide an array of managed services which we believe offer the best value in the marketplace.  Whether providing simple web or application hosting, or providing data center architecture solutions; Sonic Digital brings the platform, know how, and experience to make it all happen in a fast, reliable, and cost effective manner.

Our Approach to the Cloud

The platform offered by Sonic Digital is unique in many ways.  These are just a few of the ways we strive to a better experience in the cloud.

  • Expert Level Administration – direct access to highly experienced virtualization professionals
  • Friendly Dashboard – quick and easy access to work with your virtual servers
  • Performance – Sonic Digital offers some of the fastest virtual machines available on the market.
  • Reliability – High uptime, low impact maintenance
    • Out of the box HA platform
    • Out of the box DR solution with multi-datacenter backups
    • 100% Service-Level-Agreement
  • Security – Full network and data storage isolation between customers
    • Dedicated private network access for customers
    • Highly controlled access to data storage
    • Backups are encrypted and highly secured
  • Predictable Billing
    • No unexpected expenses, usage billing, or bandwidth meters
    • One low monthly invoice you can count on.